RFID Products

RFID solutions give you the real-time asset visibility you need to streamline operations, maximize asset utilization and error-proof asset-related data. Only Zebra provides end-to-end solution simplicity, with everything you need to implement RFID in your organization — from well-tested industry-leading infrastructure to the expertise you need to maximize the benefits of RFID in your enterprise. Whether you need handheld, handsfree or fixed RFID readers for industrial spaces or customer facing areas, we’ve got a reader that is just right for your environment. Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the right equipment for your business needs.

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Handheld RFID Scanners

When it comes to handheld readers, Zebra offers it all. No matter what you need, we’ve got it. Choose from industrial rugged handheld and gun-style RFID readers for read intensive tasks in the warehouse, handheld readers suitable for your retail point of sale and sleds that can add RFID to just about any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

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Fixed Position RFID Readers

If you need fixed RFID readers, we got you covered...with stylish readers for customer-facing areas like the front of the retail store to industrial readers designed to thrive in tough environments.

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RFID Printers

Every RFID solution starts with RFID tags. With our RFID printers, you can create whatever you need, from small item-level hang tags to case and pallet labels to photographic quality RFID-enabled identity cards. And with our advanced proprietary technologies, you can be sure that every tag you print is encoded with the right data.

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Ultra High Frequency RFID Labels and Tags

Selecting the right RFID labels/tags for your application can be complicated. We offer the widest range of in-stock RFID labels, cards and tags. We have options for general purpose, advanced and specialty use applications, in a variety of sizes and materials, using inlays from leading manufacturers to meet your needs.

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