Mobile Computers & Tablets

We offer a full range of mobile computers and tablets from Zebra. We can help you choose a mobile computer for any application, whether it's just a simple stock control application or a large application with insights and more. Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the right product for your business.

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Mobile Computers - Zebra PDAs

With a Zebra enterprise mobile computer in hand, workers can access the information, applications and people they need to get the job done. The result? Productivity is up and your customers experience the best service possible. When you choose Zebra, you’re in good company. The world’s largest retailers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics companies, field sales and service organisations, and healthcare providers rely on Zebra mobile computers every day to turbocharge their business.

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Mobile Computers - Zebra Handhelds

Designed to deliver on-the-go productivity and real-time insights into business-critical information, Zebra's versatile line of mobile computers range from rugged industrial class devices to enterprise digital assistants and shopping systems. With our mobile computers, your customers can track inventory more efficiently and accurately, manage assembly line production more effectively, improve shipment accuracy and speed product returns—even in harsh environments.

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Tablets - Zebra Tablets with Scanners

You need to tackle everyday tasks from inventory to deliveries to point of sale accurately and efficiently. That is why Zebra’s versatile enterprise tablets are designed specifically for the demands of your industry. To help you get the job done, our business tablets combine sleek consumer styling with rock-solid security, durability and performance.

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